Orbital is a 2D Space Shooter I created for the IG100 course component of my first year at Media Design School. It was my first foray into object-oriented programming, and as such I wanted my concept to be relatively simple.

I decided to create a spin on the classic “Space Invaders” by merging it with the dynamics of “Asteroids” and topping it off with a modern regenerating health mechanic.

In summary, the player controls a mobile orbital laser cannon, and is tasked with preventing projectiles from reaching the earth. The player’s cannon is effectively invincible- if it’s hit by a projectile, the projectile is destroyed and the player must wait through 5 seconds of inactivity while repairs are underway.

Immediately below the player are three shield layers, which can repel a total of three projectiles each- however, if left long enough, they regenearte health (as indicated by the color of the shield.)

Also decided to throw in a co-op mode just for fun.

The game uses Windows GDI for rendering and user input.

You can download Orbital as a standalone .exe here.


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