Interstellar Excavation

This is the final project a team of 7 programmers (including myself) created during our first year at MDS. It took 8 weeks to complete, two of which were spent on pre-production.

The core scoring mechaninc is similar to the classic lines-and-dots game, in which player are driven to capture territory before their opponents.

The game features a top-down perspective, and each player controls a vehicle navigating about a grid of nodes. when four adjacent nodes are captured, the parcel of land inbetween them is claimed, generating income for the player. the player can then spend that income on defenses for the parcel or upgrades for their vehicle.

The game continues until the round ends, at which time the each number of land parcels for each player is totalled and a winner is declared.

The design goal was to create a game that was easy to jump into, but had enough depth to allow players to formulate a number of unique strategies.

The whole of the game was written from the ground up using DirectX, with the exception of audio, where we used FMOD. I was in charge of user interface and AI.

This first video shows four human players competing. The following video is 1 human player and 3 AI opponents.



The most recent build can found here.


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