Development Retrospective: FIFA 15

AAA Game Development is neat!

FIFA 15 (In Menus)

I think the seven months I spent at EA working on this title were the most fun I’ve had in game-dev since my first year of programming school. It was so nice to be able to focus on a single aspect of a game and polish it to near-perfection, after jumping between disciplines on prior projects with smaller teams. As an added bonus, working with the new generation of console hardware so soon after it’s initial release was very exciting!

FIFA 15 Kick Off (In Menus)


I started working on the project in the middle of production, so for the most part my responsibilities involved creating and tweaking menus and UI components. FIFA has a lot of game-modes, and menus specific to those modes, most of which share common components. Ensuring that modifying a component on one screen doesn’t break it on another is a very time-consuming (though necessary) process!

FIFA 15 Skill Games (In Menus)


Flash, Actionscript, Flux, and C++ were all used during my time working on the game.