AQUARIUS: Remaking “Submersible” in Unreal Engine 4

I was contacted by Epic early this year about a possible opportunity as a UI programmer. It didn’t go anywhere, but it did set off a chain of events that led to me learning how to make games with Unreal 4.

I decided to get my feet wet by re-making one of my projects from programming school. The game ran in a custom 2D DirectX 9 engine I’d built, which I later went on to use for “Fireflies.”

The aim was to keep the gameplay identical, and just translate everything from sprites to a 2D plane in a 3D game world. The original ending to “Submersible” was also quite anticlimactic, so I decided to throw in some additional content there as well 🙂

I quite enjoyed using the visual “Blueprint” scripting system- although, the way some of the way I wrote calls to it from C++ felt a bit inelegant. There’s probably a better way that I’m not privy to, but it works.


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